Founded in 2008 Pingtree has become the first choice customer origination partner for providers. Our unrivalled infrastructure and approach to lead generation has manifested itself in a vast and compliant Partner affiliate network as well access to our own direct marketing . Managed by a professional and focused account management team, Pingtree delivers the highest lead volumes across multiple verticals to its lenders and providers.

Our state of the art platform optimises application & lead delivery and quality in an intelligent way allowing its providers to look at customers in real time before deciding to accept and purchase them. Pingtree providers the ultimate origination channel. 

Current Markets

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Why Use Pingtree

Fully compliant and qualified leads

Flexible lead purchasing environment

Real time tracking and reporting system

Full account management including technical and compliant support

Multi Territories

Peace of Mind

To realise the true potential of your business and gain access to previously unreachable customers, get in touch with one of the team today. We take care of the leads, you grow your business.

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50,000+ Leads Daily

500+ Live Qualified Lead Sources

Online Leads

Call Center Leads

Fully Integrated Online Customer Delivery

Manage Your Own Partners Through Pingtree

Who we work with

  • Short term lenders
  • Instalment lenders
  • Life insurance providers
  • Credit card providers


Available in the USA
Short-term Loans, instalment
Available in the UK
Short-term Loans, instalment and Life Insurance
Available in Australia
Short-term Loans
Available in New Zealand
Short-term Loans