Mobile Testing Tools
Oct, 2014

So, you have spent hours perfecting your beautiful sites and making them fully mobile responsive for the entire world to see. Now you can sit back, relax and watch those customers come rolling in!



The work doesn’t stop here. How can you be sure your sites are reaching your customers in the same format that they are reaching you in? Think about all the different browsers and internet programs there are on the hundreds of types of computers in the market today. And what about all the pieces of technology available to customers now; they could be logging onto your site using just about any device that has a web browser and internet connection (think mobiles, tablets, iPods, kindles … the possibilities are endless.)

So how do you check your pages look and function perfectly on every single browser? The simple answer is: CONSTANT TESTING.

Obviously, the best way to constantly test your pages is to open your site or landing page on every single browser and device that exists in the current market. However, due to time and budget constraints, it is likely you won’t have access to this. Instead, you can use web-based emulators, which simulate your site and landing pages on a huge variety of browsers and devices, so you can see first-hand what works on what.

Two examples of some web-based emulator tools you could use are:



Could demand for personal loans be on the rise?
Sept, 2014

According to UK banks, the amount of new borrowing through unsecured loans is picking up again after years of decline; and they are claiming that they have not witnessed such a consistent rise since 2007.


It was estimated that there was £175 million borrowed using personal loans in August, and recently divulged that these unsecured loans are being used less for paying bills; and more for car and home improvements. The idea that people are using unsecured loans for these kinds of purposes could suggest that customers are becoming more confident with their finances; as things like major home improvements or funding a wedding are large purchases and are usually put off until we feel more self-assured with our money.

Alongside this steady increase, a significant downfall in overdrafts has been noted. This could be a pure coincidence, or perhaps there is a direct correlation between the two?

The figures have also shown a recent temperance in activity of the UK housing market; with the number of mortgage approvals standing below the average of the previous six months. However, with new mortgage lending reaching 15% higher than this time last year, we could be due for another rise.

AGE MATTERS: Are you targeting the right customers?
Sept, 2014

Pingtree has broken down your customers into this handy infographic, giving you a detailed insight into who you are targeting; allowing you to fine-tune your campaigns and boost accepts.


Hot off the press: Why our new D2C loans site is set to change the UK lending market
July, 2014

Our newly launched direct-to-consumer loans site is an industry first; providing consumers with the ability to submit one simple application to search for the lowest rate loan that is available to their personal circumstances.


This is the first time the award-winning Pingtree technology has been used outside the short-term lending market. It gives potential borrowers access to a diverse range of lenders, including secured; instalment; peer to peer; guarantor; and short-term loans, with amounts ranging from £1,000 to £50,000 on terms between six and sixty months.

We believe that providing a simple, flexible and transparent way to borrow money, whilst saving consumers the time required to work through comparisons sites will drastically change the UK lending market and we’re delighted to have been featured in the national press.

See what the media has to say…


Credit Today

Performance IN

Pingtree Personal Loans – Now Live!
May, 2014

Now that launch day is finally here, you can be one of the first affiliates to work with our new Personal Loans Pingtree.


Pingtree has entered a new market, where we are continuing to grow. Like with our ever-expanding Short Term Loans Pingtree, we will be offering market leading commissions and conversions for our affiliates and partners; but this time attracting a different type of customer in a completely new market.

We will be using our award-winning and innovative technology to offer competitive rates, with a panel covering the entire market, including all demographics and consumer types. Enquire today, and let us show you how we can optimise the commission you earn, so all you have to concentrate on is your customers.

Alex acclimatises on the Pingtree rooftop.
April, 2014

Just before Alex set off for his epic journey, he kindly agreed to pop into the Pingtree office to say hi, show off his incredible kit and to enthral the staff with his totally engaging story. It was a dull and drizzly day in Macclesfield, which worked out well as we persuaded Alex to change into his fully insulated walking suit – which he will wear at the summit – and pose for photos on our roof top…well, he had to acclimatise somehow!


In fact, I think Alex probably felt more comfortable up high in his sleeping-bag-looking garment than he was in the office surrounded by computers and suits – he is clearly built for adventures! Once on safer ground, Alex agreed to take part in a Q&A session with some of the staff – little did he know that the whole company would turn up and hang off of every word he said about his upcoming journey. Alex is an articulate and captivating young man with a great story to tell, so no wonder he had a room full of eyes gazing longingly at him! He is also incredibly humble and grateful for every ounce of support he receives, so please don’t hesitate to show your support by donating to his chosen charities and following his adventure here.

Pingtree sponsor Alex Staniforth on his epic quest
March, 2014

Once Alex strolled, unassumingly – despite his 6’3 frame – into the office and sat down with the top dogs to discuss sponsoring him on his incredible journey, there was no way we could ever say no; he had us hook, line and sinker right from the start.


Alex is a fresh-faced adventurer who runs head first into challenges as though they were simply thin air. In case you don’t know about Alex, despite his young years, he has already overcome great difficulties from childhood epilepsy, panic attacks, stammers, cripplingly low self-esteem and bullying. Whereas most ordinary people would have succumbed to their fears, Alex realised during his lowest times that he is far from ordinary – he is a human being with extraordinary inner strength.

This has led Alex to his current attempt to become the youngest Brit to climb the Southeast Ridge of Everest. Pingtree were so inspired to hear Alex’s story that we jumped at the chance of trying to help his dream become a reality. As if climbing Everest wasn’t challenge enough for such a young man, Alex committed to raising £29,035 (£1 for every foot of Everest) for his chosen charities as well as wanting to use his incredible feat to inspire young people to do more to raise their confidence and overcome obstacles in their lives and always dream big.

How could we ever say no?

You can support Alex and follow his adventure right here.

Who are typical pingtree cusomters?
November and December Data

Check out our big, bright infographic explaining exactly what a ‘typical’ Pingtree customer looks like.


Lots of people have lots of opinions about loans and the kind of customer who uses them, particularly short term loans. However, here at Pingtree, we have known for a long time that our customers are not what the media portrays them to be and this infographic is our way of readdressing the balance of public opinion regarding short term lending and borrowing.

Far from the desperate, bad-credit job-seeker, over 84% of our customers are in employment, with over 60% earning £1500 and more per month. Another accusation aimed at short-term lenders is that they lend irresponsibly to those that cannot payback without incurring charges. Our most popular loan amount is between £100-£300 which suggests intelligent, responsible short term borrowing from customers who are financially stable, making informed decisions about their financial planning; the myth about biting off more than you can chew doesn’t stand up to the facts.

Quint at Ad:tech London!
On 11th and 12th September 2013

Quintessential Finance Group will once again be at the forefront of Ad:tech London!


Welcoming you to the event at stand no.242 will be our CEO, Managing Director, Commercial & Marketing Director and many more. We look forward to meeting with our current partners to discuss the challenges and successes of the last 12 months, as well as having the opportunity to showcase our group and affiliate programmes to new faces. If you are attending Ad:tech London 2013, we look forward to meeting you!

If you are journalist or have a press enquiry, please direct it to our reps at Aberfield Communications:

Tim Downs
0113 80 00 444
[email protected]

Phil Reed
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