Work with Pingtree and earn more revenue, receive better support and get paid on time every time.

Our Pingtree optimises the revenue affiliates and partners earn, allowing them to focus on marketing and their customers rather than managing numerous relationships and campaigns.

If you are interested in, or already generate leads for, any of the following markets, you should be working with Pingtree.


We understand the
industry like no other

Huge lender panel Highest revenue up to £70.00 CPA 100% increase over working with one lender directly


The best rates with the
best lenders

Huge lender panel Loans up to £25,000 with up to £65.00 CPA 100% increase over working with one lender directly


Work with the largest
providers of Life Insurance

Top rates paid for all leads Up to £35.00 EPL, optimise the value of every lead Access brokers and insurers

How can I work with Pingtree?


Simply sign up with Pingtree and we will send you a snippet of code, that you can drop into your website in order to display one of our application, quote or comparison forms which is already optimised for mobile integration. We host the form, so you don’t need to worry about doing anything other than driving traffic to your site.


The Pingtree API allows our partner affiliates to post consumer applications or quote data directly into the API via XML in real time. We will then ping the customer through the Pingtree and return a response telling you the outcome, how much you have earned and where to send the customer to next.

Leading Consumer Brands

Market directly to one of our leading consumer brands. All of the Pingtree markets are supported by our own direct to consumer brands and are supported by email & banner collateral. Referring customers is easy and our campaigns are widely recognised as the best in the marketplace.

Who Can Work With Pingtree?

Why Work With Pingtree?

Increase Your Revenue

We optimise the amount you receive for every customer. It’s what we do every day and why we are here.

Payment You Can Rely On

We pay on time, every time and work to payment terms that suit you.

Turbo Charge Your Revenue

Over 95% of partners that join us earn more and see significant increases in revenue received.

Multiple Territories And Products

We give you access to more territories and products than any of our competitors.

Easy Integration

We make integration easy. You can be set up in minutes and if you need support we can provide it.

Technical & Compliance Support

Get professional, technical and compliance support from our team whenever you need it.

Accurate ‘Whole of Market’ Panel

We work on an ongoing basis to ensure our partners have access to the latest and best providers.

Access to Leading Consumer Brands

Work with our brands through email, banners and affinity relationships.

Receive the Best Rates

Our relationships and volumes mean that we are able to get the best rates and pass them on to you.

Improve On Page Conversion

Use our optimised iframes and collateral to increase on page conversion and submit rates.

What’s Pingtree’s Reporting like?


View overall revenue and statistics broken down into numerous easy to understand formats and graphs


Create and edit Campaign and Sub Affiliates quickly and easily


The information you need when you need it 24/7

My Overview

The My Overview screen gives a consolidated view of all your campaigns and activity across all regions.

My Products

View your activity and sales on a product by product basis, giving you clear visibility about which areas are working best for you.

My Campaign

Split and monitor your activity across unlimited campaigns which are easy to create and manage.
sub affiliates

My Sub Affiliates

Create and manage your own network of sub affiliates, allowing you to recruit other partners and benefit from their activity.

My Details

Edit and update your payment and other details quickly and easily.

Message and Notification

Get messages, tips and important notifications straight into your email inbox as well as your notifications area.

Still want some more information ?

affiliate email

Drop our affiliate team an an email [email protected] or call us on 01625 508647


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